What does it look like when World Idol Winner Kurt Nilsen packs up his Gibson acoustic, and boards the double decker tour bus, to hit the road with his band for a full on summer tour throughout all of Norway?
In 2013 Kurt celebrated 10 years as one of the biggest artists in Norway with a TV aired concert from his hometown Bergen. The concert was watched by nearly 700.000 and some of Norway’s biggest artists participated in this massive celebration. I can assure you that in 2015 people are not tired of hearing this guy sing. Thousands of people still show up anywhere he plays.
I got to step on board his tour bus and join him for a generous part of the tour. Kurt is always stoked to play every single time, and that genuine love of music is highly contagious for the fans who turn up when the circus comes to town.
His band members are some of his best friends and some of the most talented people out there. And you don’t need a lot of time together with them to understand how much of a family they have become over the years.
Kurt asked me to bring my Leica camera (which he seems rather fascinated by) with me and document some of the fun this summer. I guess time flies on tour, and before you know it it is all over. In hindsight you wish you could have something to remind you that it actually happened and that it was all you ever hoped for. That’s where, this time, I got to play a small part, in a much bigger play.

– John A. Hudson
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