I wake up at dawn every day. Packing up my notebook to work on and also my Leica M. On the weekend, the backpack is different – snack, binoculars, map and other stuff which is useful in the woods. On weekdays, I often stop my car under the mountain on my way to work, put on my trekking shoes and hike for a nice view to capture.

I live in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park on the border between Czech Republic and Germany. In the landscape full of rocks, canyons, deep forests and forgotten rock castles. During the week I work in IT, and on weekends I am a voluntary park ranger. On any given day, I have a camera always with me – you never know when the Sun thin out the morning fog and conjure together one of the most memorable views.

Bohemian Switzerland is one of the favorite destinations for all nature photographers. You can shoot sunrise and sunset views from rocky viewpoints, wild rivers in inaccessible ravines and rare flora and fauna. Here there is something for almost every photographer and most importantly – you can find lots of themes in any weather.

Especially in spring and fall, morning uncovers mysterious fog that hides the picturesque rock formations, but also the ruins of old castles and mills. Bohemian Switzerland is a landscape full of history – you can find ancient inscriptions in the rocky canyons, old paths starting and disappearing in nowhere and crisis in the middle of the forest.

We moved here with my family 7 years ago from a city, and today we can not imagine living anywhere else. We live in a 150 year old cottage and we are finally part of nature. Right in front of our house there is a junction of three nature preserves – Bohemian Switzerland National Park, The Elbe Sandstones Protected Landscape Area and Lusatian Mountains. You can walk for hours and hours and discover new places where nature blends with our history.

The natural beauty of the landscape with romantic corners and amazing lookout points are attractive for anyone who likes traditional hiking and tourist activities. There are many border crossing points to visit the Saxon Switzerland National Park in Germany as well.

About Filip Molcan:

Filip Molcan is entrepreneur, traveler and photographer living in the National park Bohemian Switzerland. He traveled to more than 30 countries. He is a voluntary park ranger in the national park, living in the mountains and working for clients from all over the world as an IT consultant. He is using Leica cameras for years, from M7 to M240.

To connect with Filip, please visit his official website, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.