Graphic and fashion designer and photographer Hobby Izaki (Japan) has worked with clients such as NIKE, NEW BALANCE, G-SHOCK, and HONDA, also being engaged in BEAMS, UNITED ARROWS, the famous boutiques of fashion design, such as NANO · UNIVERSE. Izaki was in charge of the design of “haller Technics DJ system” of 2003, the Swiss furniture manufacturer “USM”, exhibited at Tokyo Designers Week. Responsible for the art direction of the 2004 American sports brand, “ARNOLD PALMER”. They held their own artwork recital in the “ARNOLD PALMER AOYAMA”. As a DJ, Hobby released “CLUB MOTOWN” appearing in one of the world’s largest music festival, which was held in the Netherlands “Lowland Festival”. Here, he shares some of his work with the Noctilux-M, the Leica SL, the Leica M (Typ 240), and his passion for old, vintage style and design.

Your images evoke a certain type of nostalgic feeling with the subjects and environments. Why is this?

I don’t like to take many picture like a machine gun. When I take a picture, I’m finding an object or theme of careful selection. I selected nostalgia simply because in many cases, it goes unnoticed. I enjoy vintage items and memorabilia.

The musician series certainly tells a story. Can you describe where you took these?

I dropped in long-established JAZZ live house when I went to NY. And I shot many musicians pictures forget myself. Before I knew it, I stood on the stage!

Surely, available light must be a challenge when shooting under difficult conditions, was the Noctilux-M the key to overcoming this issue

Yes, of course. These pictures couldn’t have been possible without the Noctilux and its high performance EVF with the Leica SL. I usually don’t need a “flash”.

The contrast in the black and white images is very appealing, how was this achieved?

l1000312-jpgWhen I digital developing my images, I always kept in mind the idea of “real black” areas within my pictures. Something similar happens when as I’m developing analog film.

The images of the woman in black and white are pristine, and the outcome has a strong bokeh around her face and body. What process or light did you use for these images?

This photo was taken right at sunrise; she was facing the sun. The process itself is based on having patience, waiting for the proper natural light to overcome darkness, without the need of any complex editing.

You talk about the vintage styles in things you like including motorcycles, clothes and more. What is it that attracts you to this?

I like everything that has story and history. I feel that in today’s world, we’re more concerned on disposable rather than on important things. I enjoy vintage because it reminds me of a time with more simplicity and elegance maybe.

What other projects are you working on?

Developing camera strap (i.e. Leica Q titanium adopted our Yosemite Camera Strap), graphic design, video editing and DJ’ing. I also spend a ton of time fixing vintage cars and motorcycles during the holidays, it’s something I enjoy doing very much. Perhaps my photographs are a designer’s perspective.

To know more about Hobby Izaki, please visit this website and follow him on Instagram.