Hyunwoo Kim was born in Korea, 1981, and currently lives in Seoul working as art director in advertising and as street photographer. Kim bought his first Leica camera, the M-P over 2 years ago. Ever since, he says he has fallen in love with photography. With two exhibitions on his shoulders, Kim has traveled to several locations, including Berlin, London, Paris, Lisbon and Porto, accompanied with the recently purchased Leica M Monochrom. With these images, he is preparing shows as well. Usually, Kim uses a Leica M-P and Leica M Monochrom with a Summicron 35mm f. 2.0. As one of the first photographers to be given the chance to test the M10 – he traveled to Busan. The resulting images, also exhibited in Fotopark, were as beautiful and diverse as the city itself.


I was one of the first photographers to be given the chance to test the M10 – in Busan. First of all, I wanna say that The M10 feels exactly like an analog Leica! I went to small shipyards in Haeundae and Yeongdo in Busan with the Leica M10. Young-do is an island located in Busan, and there are small shipyards along the sea. Among them, I chose the main location as Young – do.

The characteristics of the shipyards here are that they are not a place to make boats, but a place to repair boats. I wanted to express the rough texture of the ship and the color of the primary color of it. Fortunately, the results were as good as I intended, so I was satisfied with the Leica M10. Compared to the previous model, the M240, the M10’s appeal is a high-definition color representation and a three-dimensional feel. Apparently the iso dial is on the top, so it’s definitely comfortable for those who take moments like me. I could adjust the values at any time even when the Leica M10 power was off.

Maybe it sounds more analogue, even though it is a digital body. I think this part is overwhelmingly charming. To add a little more to the story of the ISO dial, the Leica M10’s ISO range has been upgraded to a higher sensitivity. I set most pictures to 1600 or higher and extracted them. The results clearly showed that I was able to improve my sensitivity in high sensitivity. I like strong contrast and the color of the Leica M10. I had a wonderful experience in Busan, the city I love.

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